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3 (
); 57-58

Autumn, homoeopathy

Department of Repertory, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Rural Homoeopathic Hospital, Palghar, Maharashtra, India
Corresponding author: Nikunj J Jani, Department of Repertory, Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Rural Homoeopathic Hospital, Opp ST Workshop, Palghar-Boisar Road, Palghar - 401 404, Maharashtra, India
This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 License, which allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as the author is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms.

How to cite this article: Jani NJ. Autumn, homoeopathy J Intgr Stand Homoeopathy 2020;3(3):57-8.

As the autumn sets in, we marvel at the beauty of nature – The colors of the fall, the glow. Autumn is the birthplace of endings; it therefore, gives us hope about what can be achieved. Autumn awakens us. It helps to explore the potentials hidden within us and to explore newer avenues and areas.

This issue too explores the diverse and colorful areas of the application of homoeopathy. Homoeopathy has been one of the preferred alternative therapies for cancer. Studies reveal that homoeopathic medicines bring about cellular changes in some cancer cell lines through apoptosis and immune modulation. It has been noted in some animal models that homoeopathic medicines have an inhibitory effect on the growth of certain tumors. Studies reveal that when combined with conventional therapies, homoeopathic medicines enhance the quality of life, help in palliation, decrease symptom burden, and even improve survival in patients with cancer.[1,2] Viscum album (mistletoe) has attracted considerable attention from clinicians because of its encouraging results in various phases of clinical trials.[3] The quality of these studies has been fairly satisfactory and the majority have reported positive outcomes.[4,5] In this issue, we have an original paper by Valle et al., which demonstrates the efficacy of homoeopathic dilutions of V. album in treating the U-2 OS lineage of osteosarcoma cancer cells.[6] The findings of this paper will surely open newer possibilities in cancer treatment.

Recently, I chanced on an interesting paper written by a psychologist, published in a social sciences journal, mentioning the importance and value of Hahnemannian principles and homoeopathy in the treatment of the emotional issues faced by adolescents.[7] The paper proposes the use of homoeopathy and at times with support of different psychological techniques as an effective solution for emotional complaints in adolescents In this issue, we have a good demonstration of this concept by Dr. Nikita Mehta Her paper demonstrates the role and efficacy of homoeopathy in the management of various physical, emotional, intellectual, psycho-sexual, and behavioral conflicts increasingly faced by adolescents who are trying to adjust to today’s rapidly changing and demanding world. The holistic approach presented by her will help to deal with adolescent mental health issues in a rational way.[8]

Any developed therapeutic science has a history of well-documented data, which allows it to expand and grow with firm foundations. It is necessary to perform literary reviews of the works of past masters and see how they hold light in the current era. In this issue, we have a review paper by Dr. Ranjit Sonny that presents a literary review of Dr. Richard Hughes’s philosophy This will pave the way for more such papers on the philosophy of the past masters.[9]

In this issue, we also have an interesting case report that demonstrates the role of homoeopathy in the management of hydrocele.[10]

This diversity reflects the colorful leaves on a tree during the fall season. Each makes us look at diverse areas of homoeopathy, demonstrating that it has so much to offer to us. It now needs its diligent students (of all ages) to undertake a critical yet in depth study, explore the application in newer areas of clinical practice such as Mental Health,[11] Cancer,[11] Geriatrics,[12] Community health,[13] and Neonatology;[14] conduct more research and spread the awareness about the work done in areas of physicochemical and biomolecular researches in homoeopathy;[11] expand its use in areas of veterinary science[15,16] and agriculture;[17] and enhance the quality of homoeopathic education[18-21] undertake critical studies of the works of past masters and present them to profession.

Here, I recollect some wonderful lines from a song written and composed by five-time Grammy award winner American musician, Billy Joel. Over the years, this song has become a cult classic and is also one of Billy’s favorite ones.[22]

They say that these are not the best of times

But they’re the only times I’ve ever known

And I believe there is a time for meditation

In cathedrals of our own

.........For we are always

What our situations hand us.”[23]

This autumn, let us take a moment to mediate in the cathedrals of our own mind and visualize what best we can do for homoeopathy.


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